About Us

About Happy Coffee

Happy Coffee is an ingenious Nigeria coffee brand duly registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2015 in Nigeria. Happy Coffee is on a mission to give happiness in every cup by delivering a liberating coffee experience through our freshly roasted, wholly and locally grown Nigerian coffee beans. Happy Coffee is an enterprise and the first mobile coffee company in Nigeria providing freshly brewed coffee drinks in events with a mobile café, a library and creating coffee solutions for different companies/ organization which include (Banks, Co-working Spaces and Tech Hubs). We aim at creating and designing coffee solution for organizations looking to deepening their value adds for its customers through providing fresh brew coffee offerings.

Our Coffee

We’ve always believed in serving the best coffee not just the best coffee but the best of Nigeria grown coffee. At Happy Coffee, our specialty coffee is exclusively sourced from the Mountains of the Mambilla in Northern Nigeria. You’ll find our coffee is a rich blend of medium roast beans with a strong floral aroma. It’s punchy and full – bodied with a delicate chocolate after-taste. Our proudly Nigerian coffee is preferred by great minds who enjoy its
wholesome taste and are glad to share their experience with others.