Happy Coffee Mobile Café


We Bring the Coffee Shop to You!


Happy Coffee Café

Happy Coffee Café offers a variety of choices to the customers. The menu list offers a variety of Coffee mixes and blends that vary in their taste, preparation and the way you drink them. From hot to ice-cold coffee mix which includes – cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, Americano, milkshakes, regular coffee drinks, and teas of all sorts, to our Happy coffee signature mix which include – Lagos flyover, Ebeano, HaaBaa coffee cocktail mix infuse with bailey, vodka drinks are available.

Happy Coffee Café also serves breakfast sandwiches with the freshest ingredients, croissant, granola bars and cookies, muffins and other tasty treats.

Happy Coffee Café provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where customers, coffee lovers and book addict can read, lounge, work, meet up with friends and colleagues after work, while taking their favorable cup of coffee at a reasonable price.

Happy Coffee Café Opens:

Mondays – Saturdays 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sundays – 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Happy coffee café is located at: Subterranean Retail Hub (Basement stores) by Spar Supermarket, 31/33 Town Planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos

Happy Coffee Mobile Café

(Coffee Catering Service)

Happy Coffee mobile café is on a mission to provide coffee specialities where and when you want it, guarantee premium occasional hospitality while creating a lasting impression.

At happy coffee mobile café we bring the coffee shop to you requiring only a minimal set-up time and a power outlet, we supply everything. We cater to any event from office meeting to full scale conferences, backyard parties to elaborate wedding receptions.

You can even customize your event with logos, colours apron, cups, sugar and creamers. We design your event for an unforgettable coffee experience. Our highly trained staff provide excellent problem-solving skills and the special touches that help make your event a huge success, adapting to any event to make your guests feel most comfortable and enjoy amazing coffee drinks.

Happy Coffee mobile café features a combination of fresh brew coffee drinking mobile outlet a mobile library that treats customers and book lovers at events while having a cup of their preferred coffee drink. Happy Coffee mobile café caters for outdoor events which include:

• Weddings receptions and after parties

• Festivals

• Funeral reception

• Birthday parties (of all ages)

• Corporate meetings

• Conferences

• End of the year parties

• Exhibition and fairs

• Garden party and open house

Irrespective of the event and age range there is a coffee solution package for everyone with our stamp of happiness approved at every event, as we consciously brew a new coffee culture amongst Nigerians and increase local consumption of the Nigeria coffee drinks grown and harvested from Nigeria farms.